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All our products are selected with attention to detail. This is a good origin, which makes the food perfect, that's why we try to offer you an authentic tasty experience. We found the best vegetables in the regions, where the fertile land, the generous sun and the mild climate offer the perfect conditions for perfect taste. The peas come from the Danube meadow and are packed two and a half hours after the harvest. We were in Brittany for the chicken, and for lasagna – in Italy. The fish comes to you from the North Atlantic Ocean. It is frozen during the day, when caught by the ocean, to stay fresh, while not in your home. Each product comes with a quality guarantee from their manufacturers.

Our wide range of products is of constant quality. So you always have delicious and easy to prepare food.


By freezing, our products retain their properties as close as possible, when they were brought by nature. To offer this quality, we rely on speed and technology. The weather, elapsed since the collection of the ingredients or the catch of the fish, until, when they are frozen and packaged, is very short. Similarly, all ready meals, which we offer, are frozen immediately after preparation and you only need to complete the recipe. The freezing technology process is very efficient – fast freezing at very low temperatures for less ice crystals, which do not damage dietary fiber and retain nutritional properties.


Our wide range of products is of constant quality. So you always have delicious and easy to prepare food.

With our products you have more time for creativity. The vegetables come already washed, cut into small pieces and ready for direct cooking. The fish has already been cleaned and filleted. Everything, which you have to do, is to think about what kind of garnish you want for her. Just take the products out of their packaging, you put them in the oven and you are free to plan the rest of the evening. You know, that whatever you cook with our products, it will be perfect and everyone will be happy with this quick and delicious dinner.



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